Your First Pet – What Should you Keep in Mind when Choosing?

New puppy in the house

There are a number of reasons that we consider keeping a pet. This includes rewarding a child or partner, a companion for your home or rehabilitation of shelter animals. Whatever your reasons for choosing your pet, there are some factors you need to keep in mind before settling on your first furry/scaly/feathered friend.

Choose your Pet

Yes, you need to know if you want a dog, cat, hamster, mouse or even a little piglet. Once you have determined the actual species of pet you want, you need to break it down further on how to pick out your first pet. Some of the most popular pets include:

  • Dogs for adoptionDogs: Also known as man’s best friend, there are as many breeds of dogs as there are fish in the sea. Determine if you want to have a big dog such as a German Shepherd or a small fit in your purse’ breed like a Chihuahua. Smaller dogs can be a hassle in a home with younger kids as they are fussier. In this case, you may want to consider getting a larger breed as they bark less and can tolerate kids and their poke and pull’ habits. Dogs needs to be trained and well vaccinated so ensure that the shelter or pet store you get the dog from gives you sufficient information on it.
  • Cats for adoption Cats: Cats are the divas’ of the pet world. They demand cleanliness, a great kitty litter box, a spot to sharpen its paws and overall attention from its owners. If need be, the claws need to be well maintained to protect family members, especially children from being clawed clean through to the bone.
  • beautiful parrotsBirds: If the family prefers a pet that is a little elevated from the ground, then the bird is the best option. Remember to get a considerably sized cage, its favorite seed feed, a tough of water and some time to fly around the home. This means that constant care must be taken when opening doors and windows when it is out of its cage. A friend of mine still cusses as to why she kept her front door open one second too long, making her parakeet fly out of the door.
  • Fish: While having an aquarium or fish bowl in the home makes for a great conversation starter with guests, these water creatures needgold fish extra care. This means that their bowl or aquarium needs constant cleaning and maintenance, the feeding must be well taken care of and most importantly, keep them in a safe distance to avoid them from falling and breaking.
  • Others: These include hamsters, mice, snakes, spiders, an ant farm and even goats, horses, pigs, alligators and so on. AS these are the less common category of pets, you must not only study up on their care and habits, but also seek professional counsel before you consider bringing them into the home.

Children in the home
pet with children

Having kids in the home actually determines greatly how to pick out your first pet. You need to determine if the pets are aggressive, require extra special care or safe to be around children.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

Your family’s lifestyle is a very important factor to consider when choosing your first pet. For example:

ü Do you have sufficient space for your pet in the home?

ü Is the area you live in friendly for walking your pets or can they easily get loose?

ü Is there someone to feed and care for the pets in the home at all times?

Allergic Reaction

This is one of the most unfortunate considerations when choosing your pet. You may be a dog lover but your partner or kids are allergic. You will, regretfully, have to decide on another pet that will keep the sniffles and sneezes at bay.

Pet’s Health

Dogs are behind the condition known as rabies, which also affects humans as well as other conditions in other animals. When choosing the first pet, find out if it has received all the required shots or medication. You can find out if they have been regularly checked by a vet to ensure that you do not bring home a sickly animal.

Your Budget

The budget when it comes to how to pick out your first pet refers to:

  • How much the pet costs
  • How much its habitat and feed comes down to
  • Veterinary and care costs

For example, getting pedigrees and other rare breeds will definitely cost more than common breeds. This means that their food and how to care for them will put a dent in your pocket. As long as you have collectively decided on the pet of choice, then you are good to go.

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