Why do dogs jump on humans?

You come home after a tiring day and as soon as you enter home your dog jumps on you with love. Most owners love it; not necessary all the family members of yours or your friends will love it. Have you ever been in a situation when guests come to your home and your dog jumps on them too and most of them do not appreciate it?

Why do dogs jump on humans?

The way humans communicate and dogs communicate are different. In most cases the dogs jump as it was never told jumping is wrong or was entertained by the owner. To overcome this issue one should identify the root causes of it

  1. The dog is hyper active and has got unused excessive energy
  2. The dog is trying to ascertain its dominance by jumping over you or the guest who comes to your home.


It is high time you trained your dog when the behavior crosses the limits. I did have some instances where my guests ran away because of this behavior. I had to apologize to them and convince them to come again and the dog will be locked in another room.

Solution 1

Whenever your dog tries to jump on you DO NOT ENTERTAIN. Try to use words like NO or stern words which your dog will understand. The dog will gradually understand it is not acceptable. You can pat your dog or give him a snack or too when your dog does not jump on you.

Solution 2

The next time your dog jumps on you, do not make any eye contact and just walk away minding your business by ignoring your dog. Once you settle down you can speak to him or cuddle him.

By following one of the above solutions you should be able to bring the situation to control in a week or two. I tried the second solution and it worked. You could apply the same solution whenever your dog comes near you asking for table scraps or whenever you are sitting to eat.

Always keep in mind the dog should realize you are the LEADER OF THE PACK. You can also refer my other aritcle on how to train your dog.

If you have some more suggestions my ears are wide open.