Vastu fish for home

Arowana vastu fish

Even in the era of IT people still believe in Vastu. As a fact the belief in Vastu has increased by three fold. There was a time once I used to make fun of Vastu till I realized the importance of it.

Reason, everybody wants success?

Let me share you some of my findings out of my personal experience in Vastu. I am not a certified Vastu expert, and whatever I am sharing is out of my pure personal experience.

What is Vastu?

Vastu, is nothing but pure ancient science which our ancestors had been following and has been passed down generations. It revolves around the principles of measurements, layouts, ground preparation, flow of energy, position one sleeps and other numerous options.

When to analyze Vastu in your home?

If you feel you are witness problems in your home like Financial, Marital, Lack of peace of mind, Growth in career and so on, then it is better late than never. You could follow some basic Vastu remedy to fix these.

One such simple tip which I can share with you is having an aquarium at home. An aquarium tends to absorb the negative energy at home and giving back positive energy in form of life energy.

Now, that you have decided to have an aquarium at home; you also need to know the basics of what can you need to put in aquarium, the type of fishes which I will be sharing next.

Location of Aquarium

An aquarium should always be placed in either North or East directions. You should never put your aquarium other than your drawing room/hall. Do not ever put the aquarium in your kitchen/bedroom as it triggers negative energy. Placing aquarium in bedroom/kitchen triggers illness with regards to food and sleep related problems which in turn will trigger negative energy and disturbing the peace of mind.

Designing your Aquarium

You have figured out the best spot in your house, next is how to decorate your aquarium or choosing the type of aquarium.

  • Bigger the aquarium it is better
  • You can choose either acrylic or glass aquarium
  • Always see that clean water is there in the aquarium. So ensure to invest on a good filter and an aerator. You can go through how to take care of goldfish on aquarium tips.
  • You can add colorful lights and accessories.

Choose the right fish

As far as my knowledge goes you can use dragonfish, goldfish, flowerhorn fish and arowana fish as Vastu fishes. Ornamental fishes fits the best in the category of Vastu fishes. In my house I use my aquarium with the following details.

Arowana vastu fish
Arowana vastu fish
Gold fish
Gold fish
  • 8 Goldfish plus 1 Blackfish in a rectangular acrylic aquarium. You could even go with glass aquarium. I have not experimented with bowl, but I have heard with my friends that they do get the desired effects.
  • If you are not able to fit all the fishes in your aquarium then you can achieve this by having odd number of fishes. Do not forget to include the black fish. I would still recommend 8 Goldfish plus 1 Blackfish
  • If any of the fish dies, do not panic and just replace the fish with its own kind. It is a good sign a fish dies as it carries all the negative energy and some of your problems along with it.
  • If you notice the fishes are dying regularly then time to experiment with the position of the aquarium.
  • It is strictly advised that only one person should feed the fish.

In case you have further queries on basic Vastu with regards to aquarium, you can always post your queries in the comments section and I will be willing to help you.

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