Top 10 Facts about Lovebirds

Love birds

IMG_20150412_075904Lovebirds are one of the cutest birds on earth. Lovebirds generally tend to live for about 10 years to 15 years. They also make the most adorable pets. As per research most Lovebirds have the intelligence of kids upto 2 to 5 years old.

Let us discuss some more facts and find out why they are so adorable:

1.) Lovebirds also suffer from depression

Like human beings, lovebirds also undergo depression when they are separated from their partner or the team. The do not like being alone. They start showing behaviors like not eating food and could eventually die.

2.) More than one species of Lovebirds

Till date Nine species of Lovebirds have been discovered. These species belong to genus Agapornis.

3.) Lovebirds are African

Can you believe if I said Lovebirds originated from Africa? As per Archaeological studies the ancient lovebirds originated from Africa. Lovebirds seems to have been existence since 1.9 million years.

4.) Lovebirds live in holes

Ever wondered why Lovebirds in most houses stay in clay pots with holes? Lovebirds were used to living in holes in trees, rocks and shrubs in the wild. As jungles are reducing they have started living in holes in buildings or anywhere they find it secure.

5.) Lovebirds can be mean

Lovebirds during the mating season undergo hormonal changes. These changes triggers the feeling of jealousy and make them very aggressive. In some cases fights happen and they tend to fight till they kill each other.

6.) Lovebirds are androgynous

You can easily distinguish between male and female in Lovebirds. Usually male lovebirds are bigger than their female counterpart. A male black winged lovebird have a crown of red feathers.

7.) Lovebirds feed their partners

Whenever two lovebirds meet after a long time they tend to feed each other as a form of affection. They pass on the entire food to the other’s mouth in unique style.

8.) Lovebirds mate their entire life

Lovebirds mature by the age of 10 months old. From there onward they mate their entire lifespan which is about 10 to 15 years.

9.) Lovebirds nest building style varies

As per scientists there has been a revelation that no two lovebird species build the nest in a same way. Example Fischer’s lovebird builds their nest with strips of tree barks carrying in their beaks. Peach faced love birds hide the barks under their feathers.

10.) Population of Lovebirds

The largest population of Lovebirds can be found in Southwester America and some cities of Africa. You can notice them flying everywhere.

Lovebirds are one of the wonderful species of birds who share most of the human values. Sadly, mankind has no places for these birds and are thrown out of their homes and ending up in cages. The only way we can help them is by taking care of them in the best way we can.

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