Tips on how to give your dog a bath

Dog bath

Is your dog spending more time on your bed and couch? Is your dog constantly scratching itself? Is your dog smelling bad?

If the answer is yes for one of the above questions, then it is time to give your dog a bath. For some giving bath to their dog is a real challenge. Some dogs are so smart, the moment you are getting the towel, dog shampoo and conditioner the dog starts hiding under the bed or table. Labrador dogs is the only breed which I have come across which loves taking bath.

Getting the bathroom ready

I would always advise to give bath to a dog on outside in the open. If you do not have access to an open space then the only option is your bathroom. Before taking your dog for bath be ready to get your clothes wet and dirty. Grab one of those best dog shampoo and conditioner(a must for longer coated dogs) according to your dog’s skin or per your vet’s suggestion. Also add 2 large absorbent towels and a non skid mat on the bathroom floor or on the tub so that your dog does not slip and fall.

Getting your dog ready

Getting your dog ready is the most crucial step. Most dogs hate taking bath, you can read my other article on why dog’s hate taking bath to know giving dog a bathmore.  It would be better you could trim your dog’s nail with a dog nail cutter, you can read my other article on how to cut a dog’s nail with a nail cutter. Cutting a dogs nail will save yourself from getting hurt. If you are one of those unlucky owners whose dog runs away the moment you try to take your dog to bathroom then get some TREATS for your dog. Treat your dog slowly near the bathroom and make him comfortable with the environment. If you are one of those pup owners then you should start this as early exercise else it might be harder to get your dog used to bath. If you are giving your dog a bath outside, then be sure to tie your dog on leash or if you are in a bathroom do not forget to close the door.

Give some treats and encourage your dog to sniff the surroundings and allow him to adjust to the sound of the flowing tap water. If you can manage to put cotton ball in your dog’s ear will be a good thing.

Bring it ON!

By now you are all set and have got your dog ready for a WAR. Make sure the water is neither too hot or too cold. Gently pour the water on top of your dog till the dogs coat is soaked properly for shampooing. Start shampooing from the shoulders and then the legs. Be careful while shampooing the face, especially the eyes, ears and nose. Read the directions of how to use the shampoo as some shampoo brands advises the shampoo to be kept on dog’s coat for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse out all the shampoo from your dog’s coat to avoid further irritation. If you have one of those detachable shower heads it is a great blessing, else you can connect one of those hose pipes and slowly rinse your dog’s coat.

Smooth and shiny coat

Now, that the WAR is over. The next task is beautifying your dog’s coat by grabbing one of those good conditioners and leave it for few minutes as per the instructions. You can now finish your dogs bath and it is time to dry your dog. Towel dry as much as possible within the bathroom or the space where you gave bath to your dog. For longer haired dogs, you might have to use a hair dryer at a moderate speed. Before you let go of your dog, brush his coat thoroughly to avoid hair falling on your floor. Some dog’s go super crazy after a bath, so be ready for the CRAZINESS. I usually sit with my dog till he gets dry. Never ever let go of a hyper active dog outside as he will rub on the grass or mud and you have to give him the bath again.

Important Pointers

Do not give your bath every week as you are getting rid of the useful oil which your dog naturally generates. Once in 2 or 3 months should be fine for your dog or only when your dog is really smelling bad.

I hope this article would be useful to you when giving your dog a bath next time.
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