Whiskas Cat Food Whis Trout and Sardine – 400gm

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Whiskas jelly sardine and trout cat food now contains even more whole pieces of sardine and trout you can see – and just enough jelly or gravy to keep each serving succulent. Containing real pieces of sardine and trout naturally rich in Omega 3, each serving is perfectly balanced with the right vitamins and minerals to keep your cat happy and healthy every day.

  • Meat pieces are mingled with jelly
  • Moisture level up to 83% keeping the cat well hydrated
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Fiber to facilitate the process of digestion


  • New & Improved Whiskas : 100% complete and balanced meal for Cat’s vital system-Adult & Kitten
  • 1.2kg pack lasts for a month.
  • Feeding guidelines mentioned on pack.
  • New & improved product ensures higher repeat purchase.
  • Vital systems concept introduced & explained.
  • More options to choose from in smaller 480 gm & 7 kg.
  • Customer trial for Whiskas Tuna 480 gm thus increase in Tuna 1.2 & 3 kg respectively.
  • More options to sell in Whiskas


Whiskas Hairball

  • Consumer- Person owning a long haired cat as Persian Cat. Big Scope
  • Good Price point
  • Sufficient for 1 month for an adult 3 kg cat
  • Superior product-Hairball formation reduced in cat leading to better nutrition for the cat
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1 review for Whiskas Cat Food Whis Trout and Sardine – 400gm

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    Persian cats LOVES Whiskas Trout and Sardine! If you have a Persian cat who is pricey with food, this is a good buy.

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