Pedigree Adult Dog Food Chicken and Vegetable, 3 kg

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A healthy and complete meal for your adult dog filled with proteins from chicken.Specially shaped crunchy bits to help keep his teeth in top condition for all those games and tug-of-war, whole grains and naturally sourced prebiotic fibres help keep his insides healthy, omega 6 and vitamin E help keep him looking and feeling his best, no matter how often he takes a mud bath. High quality meat proteins help give him the energy he needs to enjoy a good game of fetch with his favourite ball.

  • Pedigree Dog Food has been formulated to give mature dogs all the energy and nourishment they need to continue living life to its fullest
  • It’s packed with vitamins, zinc and Omega 6 to help keep adult dogs looking like best-in-show winners, and has leading levels of antioxidant vitamin E to keep their immune systems young at heart.
  • Plus, our special blend of fiber helps support or promote healthy digestion to keep yard patrol in control, and our oral care kibble helps keep teeth clean.
  • No artificial colours or flavours
Puppy<9 months<12 months<18 months<24 months
Adult10 months – 7 years1 years – 7 years1.5 years – 7 years2 years – 7 years
SeniorGreater than 7 yearsGreater than 7 yearsGreater than 7 yearsGreater than 7 years
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