Drools Focus Starter Dog Food, 4 kg

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Gut Friendly Formula-puppy’s digestive system is immature and develops slowly with age. Highly digestible ingredients are especially incorporated to support optimum absorption and assimilation in body. Ideal growth and development. Exclusive formula rich in excellent quality ingredients that support safe and overall growth of puppies post weaning. Also, it provides extra essential nutrients for foetal development and milk production by mother dogs. Intelligent puppy. Adequate supply of DHA (docosahexanoic acid) nourishes nerve cells and aids in brain development of puppies. Puppies with healthy brain are easily trainable and more active. Protection and immunity. Trusted quality prebiotics (FOS / MOS) and probiotics ensure healthy gut environment and reduce intestinal pathogens and provide protection. antioxidants like vitamin E and C and organic minerals boost immunity. Raw Material: Real chicken, whole dried eggs, long grain rice, oat meal, flax seed oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, vegetable protein isolate, brewer’ dried yeast lecithin, salt, beet pulp. Vitamins: Vitamin A: 26000 IU, vitamin D3: 8000 IU, vitamin E: 6000 mg, vitamin C: 150 mg, B1: 8 Mg, B2: 33 Mg, B6: 26 Mg, Choline: 2500 mg, folic acid- 9 Mg, beta-carotene-50mg, Biotin -0.33 mg, CDP-50mg,niacin -100mg and Others: Natural Antioxidants (Rosemary Extract), L Cranitine, omega 3 and fatty acid probiotics and prebiotics, essential amino acid, organic mineral.

  • Gut friendly formula
  • Intelligent puppy
  • Protection and immunity
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