How to get rid of dog hair in house

Who does not love those cute dogs or cats. I love my two dogs a lot and I am usually hugging them and pampering them. The only problem with pampering them a lot is my house is full of dog hair at times on my clothing, furniture, floors and what not. Getting rid of dog hair in house is not that of a complex task like it sounds.

I would start from the source first then focus on cleaning the house. In my case I have a Doberman and a Pomeranian and I noticed lot of hair of my Pomeranian.  On a veterinary visit I was advised to apply essential oils for my dog as a fact for both my dogs after giving the dogs a bath. I also ensured that I give bath to my dogs at-least once in two weeks. Once the bath is done I make sure that I comb their hair thoroughly. Do not use the comb which you use for your hair as I have seen at homes where they use human comb. If you do not have one then you can choose a dog comb from Choostix and is quite cheap or you could get yourself a nice deshedding gloves for your dog . choostix dog hair comb


deshedding glove

There are many varieties of dog comb to choose from. Pick the one which you feel your dog will enjoy and which does not stress you a lot too. Also dog’s hair fall a lot when they undergo a lot of stress. If you still feel your dog has severe hair fall then you should consider visiting a vet and talk of the symptoms.

Once you make sure your dog’s hair fall is controlled, then  you can start with the cleaning exercise.

Lint roller

You could buy a sticky lint roller which are meant for pets. The lint roller can also be used to remove the lints too apart from dog hair. You can quickly grab one here. The other cheaper alternative would be to wrap your hand with sticky tape and use it as a lint remover.

Cleaning roller

If you have a larger surface to cover then you could go for a big cleaning roller. You can use it to remove cat hair, dog hair, crumbs, cat litter and much more. These are usually safe on all types of fabrics and can be used to clean your clothing, comforters, furniture and even the upholstery in your car.
cleaning roller

I have learned to accept the hair problem and live with it, but these tips are like a life savior when I have guests coming at home. This also helps for those who have asthma or allergy and want to have pets at home. You can drop your comments if you have any queries and I will try to answer it as soon as I see it.

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