How to care for a German shepherd puppy

German shepherd puppy

Puppies are adorable and the most cutest creatures on earth. But, taking care of puppies is a very responsible and demanding task. You will be the puppies parent and you must ensure that you bring up the puppy like your own child.

German shepherd puppies need to be separated from its mother after it is at least 45 days old. Do make sure to check the pup has received the initial doze of its vaccination.

Introducing Your New German Shepherd Puppy Home

  • Take your new puppy to your garden or to the area where you intend to keep your pup. Encourage the pup to sniff around the area to make itself comfortable.
  • The pup should be ready to pass urine, so be ready for the big show. If you manage to get your pup pass urine in your garden, congratulate your pup or even reward the pup so that the pup understands the place to go to toilet.
  • Whenever the pup is standing near the door or sniffing the ground, take the pup immediately to the garden or the place where you want the pup to go to toilet.

First night of your pup

The first night of your pup will be the most difficult night after being separated from its mother and siblings. Be prepared for some midnight wake up call.

  • First decide on the place on where you want your pup to sleep every day.
  • The most important tip to make the pup sleep is to keep it as warm as possible.
  • Put a warm blanket around him and also make some lumps in the blanket to give it a feeling of other pups around him/her.
  • Also you can wrap a towel on top of a warm bottle and place near the pup. This should him keep the pup for few hours.
  • For the first night do treat the pup with some nice boneless chicken treat and Farex/Cerelac milk to keep it full.

Do not loose your patience as this will be there for 3 to 5 days till the pup get used to being separated from its mother and siblings. Do not pamper the pup too much as it will end up making your pup the spoilt brat which you will not want in the future. You can also check my other article on how to buy the right puppy for you and the best dog food for your puppy.

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