How to buy the right puppy

choosing the best puppy

At-last you decided to buy puppy, the question arises is how do I know if I am buying a healthy puppy? Before buying a puppy let me share you some tips on how to buy a healthy puppy.

choosing the best puppy

Age of puppy:
The best age to buy a puppy is when it is around 8 – 12 weeks. At this age the puppy would have built its temperament and would have been well socialized. I would suggest you to pick a pup which is greater than 8 weeks old as it is a challenge even for breeders to pick future champions when the pup is 8 weeks old. The pup also would have received the first doze of vaccination and you can check the vaccination schedule here.

Examine every puppy:

Ask the breeder to put the entire litter in an open space. There are 3 types of temperament in puppies.

  • active puppyActive (A) – You can tell an active puppy by just looking at it. It will be jumping in joy and full of energy. It is the best fit for owners who have time to train them



  • neutral puppyNeutral (N) – These are relaxed and undemanding. These puppies can be any guy’s pet.




  • submissive puppyPassive (P) – These puppies are usually fearful of change and it takes a challenge and they need more time to be spent with the owner.

To identify the above (A), (N) or (P) type of puppies you can try some of the below approach

  • Observe for a few minutes
    Watch all the puppies personality when it is with the litter. Try to find out if it is submissive or dominant. See if the pup is playing with other puppies(A) or lost in the middle of the activity (N) or idle in a corner  (P).
  • Play
    Try to play with each puppy individually. Try a game of tug of war with a rope or a cloth. If the pup is hyper in the tug of war (A) or if he shows you what the pup has (N) or if the pup just want to be petted (P). If the pup is showing early signs of possessiveness then you might have to watch out as it could lead to aggression.
  • Cradle
    Lift the puppy in your arms and notice its behaviour. If it is constantly wagging, licking, nibbling (A) or wagging and licking and relaxes in a while (N) or just relaxes(P).
  • Call back
    Try calling the puppy with a squeaky toy. If the pup jumps on you or the toy and nipping your feet(A) or follows you happily (N) or needs persuasion from you (P) .
  • Bend over
    Just bend over the puppy and notice what the pup does to you. As you are large and the pup is small it appears to be an overwhelming feeling to the pup. If the pup jumps to your face (A) or cowers in confusion (N) or relaxes and becomes submissive (P).
  • Nose Kiss
    If you are used to kissing dogs nose. Try this on the pup. If the pup bites you back (A) or accepts the kiss and returns it with a lick or kiss (N) or pulls back in confusion (P).
  • Toe squeeze
    While you are petting the puppy try to gently squeeze the skin between the toes and notice its reaction. If the pup attacks your hand then it’s a very sensitive pup (A) or if the pup just licks your hand or face (N) or if it cringes frightfully (P).

All A’s: It is a very dominant and a demanding puppy. It is not an every man’s job to train them. It needs a proper trainer with concentration, consistency and time.

All N’s: It is a very easy going puppy and can easily adjust to anyone. Might be lazy at times and might not demand all your attention. Easy to take care.

All P’s: This pup needs constant motivation and loving. It needs to be felt it is not ignored as it has got a very low self-esteem. It needs proper lessons and socialization.

Mix of A and N: It is full of energy and will want to be in the middle of everything.

Mix of N and P:  It is a           self-assured puppy and will be easy going and gentle and yet got a good self-esteem.

Don’t just settle for a puppy thinking an A or N or P can really fit. Every pup is like a baby and demands attention. You are not just buying a pup, you are adopting a baby thinking you want to spend time with it by playing, cuddling, feeding.

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