How to bathe a dog – Tips on making your dog love bath time

how to bathe a dog

Does your dog hate bathing and your dog doesn’t want to take a bath? You are not alone, there are lot of dog owners like you who have a tough time giving bath to their dogs. Time to fix that.

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Take your dog for walk

take dog for a walk


Have some bonding before getting yourself into the rigorous task. Two benefits in taking your dog for a walk, one is the dog will have trust on you and the second benefit is your dog will have less energy and might crave for cooling itself. This trick really works.


Don’t give your dog a bath just for the sake of it. It is not going to benefit either you or your dog and the bath is going to be scary bath for your dog. Find some time away from your daily chores and where you can relax and focus on giving your dog a bath.

Canine Assistance

If your dog is close to another dog and if that dog loves taking bath, then find an opportunity such that the two dogs take bath together. Your dog will gradually start liking taking a bath alone too.

Water temperature

dog bath water temperature

Set the temperature of the water to lukewarm. Just because we like warm water does not mean it is the right temperature for your dog too. Try to keep the temperature of water to luke warm.

Start young

You should start winning the trust of your dog at a very young age. Make the bath enjoying at the right age and the dog will follow you asking for more bath time. Let the dog play around with its tub and towel.

Dog Treat

Dogs love treats and who does not know that. Treat your dog when the dog goes near the bath tub and try to make your dog comfortable around it. With dog treats you can dog miracles with your dogs.

Most of the above tips should really help solve bathing problems of your dog. If not, then consider hiring a professional who can help overcome your dogs fear.

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