How do I know if my dog has depression?

Depression is not just meant for humans, it could occur even to dogs. If you ever notice a change in your dog’s eating habits, sleeping habits or any change in the daily routine; then there is a chance your dog could be facing depression.

Depression usually happens due to separation anxiety, loss of member of a closed one, ignoring the pet due to a new members entry to the family.

If you are a concerned of your dog’s behavior, then check out these 5 warning signs of depression.

  1. Appetite changes

    If your dog is eating less than compared to his usual appetite, there could be chance he is undergoing clinical depression. In some cases there are dogs who overeat as well. This behavior is very similar to us.

  2. Sleeping habits

    You might notice your dog is sleeping more than usual. Even after you come back from work and your dog is not greeting you the usual way. This could mean a depressed behavior

  3. Loss of interest

    Your dog is no longer interested in walks or playing games. This sign is very similar to us when we prefer to be left alone.

  4. Avoidance or hiding

    This symptom is similar to the above symptom. However in this your dog could be hiding somewhere where you cannot find. This could be as the dog is hurt physically or emotionally.

  5. Excessive licking or biting

    Dogs display this behavior at times of stress or depression. They display this behavior to soothe themselves.

What to do at times of depression?

You could increase the amount of time spent with your dog. Take a vacation and take your dog to a different place. If possible take your dog to a dog pool where it can interact with other dogs and change the mood. Do make sure the other dogs are friendly enough.

Listen to your dogs feelings, cuddle your dog spend more time playing games and try cheering up. If after several months you still do not see a change in behavior in the dog then you should consider showing the dog to a vet. At times a loss of the closed ones is hard to fix even for humans like us. Time is the best medicine. I still remember I had 2 dogs(Pomeranian and a doberman). When the doberman passed away the Pomeranian was depressed and I had to get her a puppy to come out of the depression. Things are not always easy.

Do let me know what did you do different to help your dog come out of the depression.