Dry shampoo for dogs – Safe enough?

dry shampoo for dogs

What are dry shampoo for dogs?

Dry shampoo for dogs are meant to save time and water and is a mode of convenience. Many dog shampoo brands claim them to be natural or organic. This mode of convenience has become a regular habit and many dog owners do not realize the impact it has on the dogs.

How to use the dry shampoo?

You just apply the shampoo on the dog and make sure it spreads well. After a while  you can brush it off with a towel best dog shampooso that the chemicals do not remain. If your dog does not like water then water-less dry dog shampoo are recommended by most vets.

What are dry dog shampoos made up of?

Most brand based dry dog shampoos are made of artificial ingredients which can cause a serious threat to life too. Even the best dog shampoo are known to have these ingredients

Linked to Cancer

  • Preservatives
  • Fragrance
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • FD&C Blue

Greenwashing – Greenwashing is a business strategy where a chemical/toxic product is mixed with some natural items to make it appear like a natural product.

The ones below are often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane or ethylene oxide, which are known cancer-causing compounds:

  • Coconut based surfactants
  • Mild cleansing agents
  • Moisturizing ingredients

Absorption-Increasing Ingredients

These ingredients may increase the absorption of other ingredients through your dog’s skin. If these ingredients are in the same bottle with a cancer causing ingredient, you have effectively increased the chances of it getting through your dog’s skin and into her body:

  • Disodium EDTA
  • Ethanol (also drying)
  • Tetrasodium EDTA


No dry dog shampoo does wonders. Nothing is going to replace the traditional bath with dog shampoo. Dry dog shampoos are not going to clean your dog completely off the dirt. If the dry dog shampoo is not wiped off well, it could end up in your dogs stomach while the dog licks their body.

If you really do not have time and want to try a dry dog shampoo then I would like to recommend DIY dry shampoo for dogs than buying it over the counter.

DIY dry shampoo for dogs


  • Baking soda
  • Cornstarch
  • Skin safe vanilla fragrance oil (click here to see the kind I use)
  • Salt and pepper shaker (found at the dollar store)
  • Mixing bowl and spoon
  • Measuring spoonsbaking soda for DIY dog shampoo


  • In a mixing bowl, combine 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 6 drops of vanilla fragrance oil.
  • Fill the salt and pepper shake with the above mix and you can start applying on your dog

Your dog will smell good instantly and will remove the icky oils. This DIY dry shampoo is much safer and less allergic compared to what you buy outside.

P.S : Please apply this only on dogs and not any other pets. A water based bath is the best bath your dog can get and it also helps in bonding with your dog. Read for more tips on how to bathe a dog.

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