Dog killing in China for Yulin festival – #stopyulin2015

Dog killing in china

What is Yulin festival?

Yulin festival, in Guangxi province is a festival to celebrate June solstice by killing thousands of dogs and are eaten in the home or street. The thousands of dogs, some of them pets are burned or boiled alive.


Yulin dog festival
A dog, most likely a stolen family pet, is burned alive for his meat. Image via Ricky Gervais/Facebook

During this festival thousands of dogs are stolen and sold from houses. Some say nothing is easier than stealing and selling a dog. It is really sad to hear the lovable pets are treated in a gruesome manner.

These kind of festivals need to be banned. I do have some reasons on why these kind of festivals need to be banned whether in China or India or any part of the world.

1.) Dog killing in chinaIn 2011 more than 15,000 dogs were killed and the festival went on for 10 days. The count could be higher and what has been given is an approximation

2.) During these festivals they are skinned, torn, smashed with stones, dragged with cars, burnt alive, cut with chainsaws and what not. Can you imagine doing the same thing to you by these humans. The very thought give me shivers.

3.) During these festivals not even the pet collared dogs are not safe. They are either stolen from the houses or dragged from the houses and met with such a inhumane torture.

4.) Thousands of dogs are sent to slaughter cause in tight cramped cages. In the process of the transfer most of the dogs die either of dehydration or suffocation. Little do the dogs which are alive realize what is ahead of them lies a greater hell.

5.) The Chinese believe eating dog meat brings good health and luck by stimulating internal heat

6.) There is no animal protection law in China. To avoid the outrage from other countries the Chinese authorities have told the people of Yulin to stop the usage of word ‘Dog Meat’ and continue with the festival.

7.) In China Yulin festival is not the only dog eating festival. In 2011 the Chinese authorities had banned Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival after a widespread campaign by animal rights activists.

If you feel these lovable creatures need some mercy, I urge you to please share this gruesome story as much as possible and also retweeting this post with #stopyulin2015 tag in twitter and facebook.

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