How to care for Arowana Fish

arowana fish

Earlier I had written a post on fish care and some detail about vastu fish for home. Some readers of requested that they wanted to know more about how arowana fishto care for Arowana Fish and here you go.

If you are looking to own one of those exotic fishes like Arowana Fish also known as Dragon Fish then read further. Did you know that Arowana Fish is also know to bring good luck and wealth as per Feng Shui/Vastu. Just having an Arowana Fish does not guarantee you good luck and wealth. The proper upkeep of the fish is also an important part of bringing you luck and wealth.

Arowana’s can grow as long as 3 feet to 4 feet, and if you are planning to have an arowana fish then you should definitely consider the space needed for a bigger aquarium. If you do not have the space and still want to have the benefits of arowana fish for vastu/feng shui remedies then you can consider 8 goldfish plus a blackfish as an alternative. You can read more of the same on vastu fish for home.

Types of Arowana’s

Arowana’s are classified according to their origin i.e. South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

  • Asian Arowana – are more expensive; it is most likely due to the increasing belief in Feng Shui and Vastu principles. Most of the asian arowana’s are golden in color also known as the golden arowana.
  • Silver Arowana – This species is preferred by most hobbyists and some of them can grow as long as 4 feet.
  • Australian Arowana – Looks very similar to Asian Arowana but not as expensive as the Asian Arowana. Some of them are pearl and spotted varieties.
  • African Arowana – This species have a distinctive shape and can easily be distinguished from other arowanas.

Feeding and Care of Arowana Fish


Arowana’s are carnivorous and prefer live food. But too much of live food can build up fat and decrease the longevity of your arowana fish. Some of the best known live food include small fish, small frogs, shrimp, prawns, crickets and krill. Before feeding arowana live food, make sure that these are quarantined to avoid introduction of parasites to your fish.

You can also replace live food with fish food for arowana’s or some arowana sticks. You can also consider Azoo arowana fish sticks or Ocean Free Arowana fish food if you are finding it hard to provide live food for your Arowana fish.

ocean free fish food


As Arowanas have the tendency to swim fast you must ensure to have any sharp objects on its way. You can also simulate a fast flowing water that will discourage it from rubbing against the glass. Arowanas tend to look downwards most often and end up having droopy eyes; to avoid this you can put a brightly colored ping pong ball in the aquarium to distract its attention. Arowana’s are very sensitive to water condition and you should consider investing on good filtration system. They also have a tendency to jump so consider investing on a well hooded aquarium.

Keeping arowanas as a pet is a challenge and is not recommended for beginners.  Talk with owners who already have arowanas and design the aquarium accordingly.

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