Best dog food for golden retriever puppy in India

My friend got himself a Golden retriever cute puppy. The next question which was posed is what to give him to eat and what is the best dog food for golden retriever puppy in India?

It is always advisable to maintain the same food which the pup was fed initially to avoid digestion problems. Gradually you should be introducing to new food or home made food.

If you are also looking at getting your first pet then you should read how to choose your first pet.

Purina ProPlan Puppy Food was my first choice. It was very hard to find Purina ProPlan Puppy Food and the other alternative which I recommended was from Royal Canin for Golden Retriever Junior. Royal Canin has got healthy nutrients which supports healthy cardiac nutrition function. At times the puppy is sensitive to these foods and apart from this you can always feed your puppy with some home made food.

Next What?

As golden retriever puppies grow, their appetites also grow along with it. If you notice your puppy is finishing all the offered food; then time to increase the quantity by 1/4th at a time. As a statutory warning “DO NOT OVERFEED”. Golden retriever puppies have a tendency to become overweight and this could lead to serious health problems.

How many feedings a day?

Initial stages of your puppy it is recommended to give 3 feeds a day. But as the puppy gradually grows reduce it to 2 feeds a day. This increases the longevity of your puppy. Anything beyond 2 should be given only if it is recommended by the vet. This feeding schedule should be started when your puppy is 6 months of age.

Your puppy initially would have been eating at approximately 8:00 am, 3:30 pm and 10:00 pm. This can be gradually changed such that you give food like in the morning after the pup has been outside and at night 1 1/2 hours before bed time.

When should I start giving adult food?

When your puppy is of 1 year old then you can gradually start giving Royal Canin Adult food or any other well known brands. Always remember to keep a bowl of water next to food for your puppy or dog.


Always remember never to overfeed your Golden retriever puppy/dog. Always remember to take him to Vet on time for vaccination. You can refer the vaccination schedule here. Any switch in food should be done with the recommendation of your veterinarian.

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