Best diet for overweight dogs in India

best diet for fat dog

Is your dog lying around lazily every time and not interested in playing games?

Your dog could be suffering from depression or your dog could be obese for its breed. In United States about one-third of the dogs are overweight. This all happens because we love our dogs so much and we pamper them by overfeeding them; which results in an obese dog. I am trying to address best diet for overweight dogs in India in this post.

An overweight dog or even an overweight cat is mainly because of the diet and also over feeding which I mentioned earlier. dog waiting for table scrapsOne thing to keep in mind is older dogs tend to become overweight easily. Certain breeds of dogs have tendency to become overweight easily and they are

How to identify an obese dog

You can easily tell if your dog is obese by just touching your dogs backbone and ribs. If you apply a bit of pressure and you are not able to feel your dogs backbone and ribs; then it is high time you accept that your dog is obese. You can also tell if a dog is obese by looking at the following points.

  • If you can see a waist between dog’s ribs and legs from overhead
  • If the tummy is hanging down

Health issues of an overweight dog

There are numerous issues for an overweight dog. Some of them are:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Musculoskeletal disease
  • Lameness
  • Hyperthyroidism

Best diet for overweight dogs in India

You will have to bring some change in your dog’s diet which can contribute in loosing weight.

  • Do not feed your dog more than two times a day. First feed at morning after his morning walk, and second before his evening walk or half an hour before you sleep.
  • Feed your dog based on the breed. Some dogs are highly active and need more energy. The best person to ask more about the feed is your Vet.
  • Make sure dog food has got all the nutrients like proteins, vitamins,  and fiber. Before buying a dog food you can read my post about best dog food in India. Focus on foods which has more in meat content than grains content. Try to find dog good with less starch in it.
  • Do not give table scraps at all. Most of them cannot see the pitiful dog face and end up giving table scraps. Feeding table scraps is a big NO.

Activities for an obese dog

Apart from diet you also need to give your dog some physical activities. If you have giant breeds like Great Dane, Mastiff then it is inevitable. Before getting yourself a dog  you should read what should you keep in mind when choosing your first pet?

  • Increase physical activity like walks, or get your dog to play fetch. Increased activity will make your dog burn calories and loose weight
  • Consult your veterinarian for a diet plan
  • If you love your dog; show it which does not involve food or dog treats

The same approach can be used for cats except for the game of fetch. Every living being needs physical activity  and a controlled diet to loose weight and stay healthy.

Happy dieting for you and your dog 🙂