Are you preparing to be a dog owner?

Owning a dog is a joy and a great privilege. However, as a dog owner, you have a serious responsibility and should take care of your pet as best as you can . Dogs have to be fed, groomed, exercised, and taken out several times a day. They are social animals and seek human attention and physical contact. They have to be treated as a part of the family. Therefore, it is essential to be a dog lover and have ample time for your pet before deciding to own a dog.

Having decided to keep a dog, you must select a breed which fits into your lifestyle, and the space available. Each breed has its own characteristics that should be kept in mind while selecting a dog. Through selective cross-breeding, man has created several hundred breeds of dogs in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

The selection of the breed will also depend on why you want to keep a dog. Do you want a dog just as a family pet and companion, or do you also want a guard  dog? Some people also have ambitions of owning a show dog.

Before deciding on the breed, you must remember that a puppy continues to grow until about ten months of age. It is therefore important to select a breed that will not be too large for your home when it is fully grown, especially if you live in a flat. You must also keep in mind that larger dogs need more exercise, and it is more expensive to feed and maintain them. Another important consideration is that short-haired dogs need less care as far as grooming is concerned. They also shed less hair in the house!

Nowadays many people want to keep trained guard dogs for security purposes. However, ferocious dogs are dangerous, and you must realize that you cannot keep vicious dogs in civilized society. Dogs that attack people are a serious neighborhood threat and becomes liabilities of their owners.

As a matter of fact, smaller breeds are generally more alert and make excellent watchdogs. They need less space and are more economical to maintain. However, choosing a dog is a personal matter, and some people prefer to keep dogs of only one particular breed, irrespective of other considerations.

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