5 Reasons to love a Rottweiler

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The other day I was having an argument with my friend about why Rottweilers are lovable dogs. I searched in Google and found out most of them posts were related to saying why to hate them. This really made me feel are Rottweilers so worst?

I decided not to give up and made further research and collected some reasons to love a Rottweiler.


Rottweilers are very smart dogs which makes them very resourceful. They usually tend to find out a solution for a problem. They are very easy to train and a good training will bring the best out of a Rottweiler.


As they are intelligent they learn very fast. As a tip it is good to have them socialized with other dogs and people. Rottweiler loves training and games to work out those muscles.


Rottweiler is a very lovable pet and will pay it back in terms of loyalty. There have been many incidents where the Rottweiler has sacrificed its life for the sake of loyalty. Just show some love to them and they will love you back ten-fold. In case you are in trouble then go no where just call your lovely dog and he will be there for your rescue.


Rottweilers are very good watchdogs. They can guard just about anything. They are highly alert and a proper training will give you a proper security under your control.


Rottweilers love playing games. They love running and chasing ball or playing the game of fetch. As they get too rough in the game one needs to take care and give proper training. They can play whole day with you till you say STOP!

Rottweiler is a dog if you are looking for:

– Large, powerful and muscular dog
– Dog having easy maintenance
– Calm, steady-tempered and confident
– Highly loyal dog
– Great watch dog for large offices/farmlands

There are still more tips which I will be sharing in my future posts. However, the next puppy which I will be getting would definitely be a Rottweiler.

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